Montag, 4. Juli 2011

Things I love Thursday

Inspired by the wonderfull Gala Darling, whom I've been following for 2 years now, here's my first Things I love Thursday!
A list of things I love at the moment:

♥ My lovely roommate has taught me how to do hearts (because I'm a total beginner when it comes to combinations on the keyboard)

♥ Trying to dive into my work the best that I can and aviod to get stessed out by deadlines and exams.

♥ finally getting enough sleep and starting to look like myself again.

♥ The last week of the Shortplay festival - in which I've gained my first experiencs in directing and which has taught me a lot about the theatre (a passion of mine)!

♥ The Mr. with whom I went out for Drinks and Dancing and who is the most loyal and helpful person I have ever known.

♥ wearing red or flowers all the time.

♥ cleaning the flat

♥ looking forward to the big "goodbye-shortplayfestival"-party!

So far for now. I hope you'll have a marvelous time today,

Love, Gloria

Or these!

Hero cupcakes
Really want to make these!
Right now I'm pondering whether I should make these:

Because of the party we're having "heros and villans" will be the topic of this month. This month will be filled with suggestions and tips on how to create a magical, fairylight summer party.

Have a wonderful day!


Star earings!

ein tutorial von Cat Morley!

Für alle die mit Sternen umgeben sein wollen!

Have a lovely day!